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We have been partnering with the Sanniquellie Christian Association in Nimba County.  The Sanniquellie Christian Association is an organization comprised of 17 pastors.  Elim Springs has provided each of the 17 pastors with laptop computers and continues to provide them IT support.  Most recently, Elim Springs delivered 17 Jesus Film Project backpacks so that the pastors can share the story of Jesus in their local dialects.



We focus on providing pastoral care for the pastors of the Sanniquellie Christian Association.  This year, we hosted a marriage workshop that focused on honesty and teamwork.



We spend a good amount of energy providing practical education to the pastors and their wives so that their families can remain healthy.  This year each family received a "Family  Med  Pack" which contains over the counter medications.  We also conducted a Days for Girls workshop focused on women's health and menstruation health kits.