We are looking for volunteers with a bachelors degree or higher to teach at our community school in Mt. Barclay for the 2019-2020 school year.    Likewise, we are also recruiting seasoned teachers to travel to Liberia in July 2019 to set up our community school. Please email your completed application to nick2bless@yahoo.com

Volunteer Application (docx)


Gap Year Interns

August 2019 to June 2020

This year we are opening a community school in Mt. Barclay.  This school will be the place where our Gap Year Interns spend the majority of their time. Our community school in Mt. Barclay is designed in such a way that each classroom is set up to team teach - a Liberian teacher and an international teacher - will lead each classroom of 24 students.   The Gap Year Interns will be use their unique gifting and talent to enrich the educational experience for all of the kids in K-8, through a whole host of activities. Please email your completed application to nick2bless@yahoo.com.

Questions? Email: nick2bless@yahoo.com

Internship Application

Summer Interns

Summer 2019

Currently we are seeking to host Summer Interns from June 8, 2019 to July 19, 2019.  This is a six-week internship that will focus on helping design and plant a community garden, help with sports outreach activities with the children in Mt. Barclay, help renovate a space that will serve as a community school, and give you time to be in God's presence and enjoy fellowship with Him. Please email your completed application to nick2bless@yahoo.com.

Short-Term Team Members

Join one of our teams as we travel to Liberia to see what Jesus is doing and join Him there!

Liberia Team Member Application 2019 (pdf)


New-Application-for-Visa-Reciprocity-June-20181 (pdf)


Minor-Forms (pdf)